Dear patient,

RPIM is a private / multimodality imaging center, offering highest professional expertise in all fields of imaging techniques, including extended MRT/CT protocols in case of complex diagnostic issues. The equipment of RPIM meets advanced technological requirements.

The RPIM -team takes every effort to reduce waiting times to a minimum and to offer fast appointments.

We place great importance on personal care for our patients with in-depth discussion and demonstration of the findings.

After a radiological diagnosis was made, the patients the opportunity to get treatment options, by establishing contacts with a network of clinical specialists including orthopaedic specialists, neurologists and urologists among others is given.

In addition radiologically (CT, Sonography) guided infiltration of the spine and of different joints for patients who suffer from severe pain is offered.

The past decades have seen substantial and rapid technological and scientific progress relating to imaging techniques and treatment modalities, posing new challenges in the fields of a broad range of radiological disciplines, including neuroradiology, female breast or prostate imaging.

In order to meet these challenges and to offer the patients the best possible care, discussions of radiological findings are leaded within the team, and a teleradiological consultation is offered.

RPIM cooperates with a network of specialists at Swiss and Austrian university hospitals including neuroradiologists, uroradiologists, gastrointestinal radiologists and experts for female breast imaging. For the discussion of especially complex issues these experts can be consulted directly and within a short time.

In addition, assessment and reevaluation of radiological findings obtained at other radiological centers is offered to give the patients a second opinion.

All examinations are performed in the state-of-the-art radiology center of A. Oberhauser, MD

If you have more detailed questions, please, get in personal contact with us. If you need support in health issues, we will be happy to give it to you.

Yours RPIM Team

Benedikt Czermak, MD, Radiologist, Postdoctoral Lecturer
(General licensed and court-certified expert)

Manuel Fisegger, MD, Radiologist, PLL.M
(General licensed and court-certified expert)